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FAQ on Pricing

  • What’s the difference between the two pricing plans?  

    The primary difference between the two plans is in the speed of response and availability of resources.
    - Pay as you go plans are excellent for when you have an unplanned skill requirement. We work with our teams to ensure that the right people with the right skills are available for you.
    - Monthly/Quarterly plans are suited for situations where you a clear understanding of the skill need and the time frame you will need it in. Uniserved ensures the skilled resources are identified and put on hold for immediate deployment on your projects. We also ensure that the backups of these resources are in place and have an understandong of the project requirements.

  • What do freelancers or contractors pay to use Uniserved? 

    Freelancers and Contractors pay nothing to be part of the Uniserved Network. They earn based on the projects they complete.

  • Are there any hidden charges? 

    None, absolutely. Our aim is to become the primary skill provider to all our clients. Ideally the end state vision will involve clients concentrating on Solution designing and Sales with Uniserved supporting your Project Deployments entirely. Hidden charges are a facet of Transactional Businesses not Partnership businesses like Uniserved.

  • How do you handle on time performance? 

    We have three pillars to ensure on time performance.
    * Unisourcing, our project and ticket management tool which enables us to quickly identify skilled resources and partners and deploy them worldwide.
    * Vast Network of freelancers and vendors across the country to ensure that the required skill is almost always available for immediate deployment.
    * Processes including 1-2-3 backups where every project has 2 backup resources, to ensure quick replacement with no drop in service level quality.