How we work for Single Tickets?

  • 1. Service Request

    Define the skill needed and the scope of the assignment for the person 

  • 2. Provisioning

    We will source you 3 right people / vendors based on recommendations who can complete the job. As required and in time. 

  • 3. Execution

    Once the payment is confirmed along with schedule of activity, the designated resource will carry out the activity. 

  • 4. Signoff

    Once the payment is confirmed along with schedule of activity, the designated resource will carry out the activity. 


How can Uniserved help me reap the benefits of CrowdSourcing?

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Enterprise Services

  • 1. Service Request
    Create A Service Request

    For a large project, the activities involved in this stage are Aggregation of locations, Scoping, Efforts estimation, Project Planning and Forecast of skills based on the project deployment plan and execution schedule. The activity has to be in sync with the Project Management Plan of the customer to ensure the expectations on time are followed. 

  • 2. Provisioning
    Finalise the Skill Resources

    Uniserved have already completed the activity of profiling and listing of vendors and freelancers for various technology areas / domains which comes in handy for provisioning. In this phase, we ensure to provision right skilled personnel for the job with perfect clarity on the expectations of scope for execution, time and commercials. This is done along with provisioning backup options for the complete scope. 

  • 3. execution

    Once we confirm the payment from the customer, the delivery and projects team is engaged to get the job completed as per the requirements. Uniserved serves as single point of contact for complete management and reporting during the phase of Delivery at the same time accounting the activities continuously against planned milestones and taking regular confirmations from customer.  

  • 4. Signoff
    Payment And Signoff

    After completion of the activity as per plan, the delivery personnel will take signoff from the customer-in-charge for satisfactory completion of the tasks assigned. This activity normally consists of signoff procedure and formats as per customers standards and all the required site documentation to be completed by the delivery personnel assigned.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Based on our discussions with our clients, the following questions have popped up and we would love to answer them

  • What can we crowdsource?

    Any enterprise technology skill requirement that you may have to for facilitating your business in the areas of –
         Enabling business users with hardware or software applications
         Empowering business users with communication networks
         Facilitating business with applications, tools or networks
         Connecting businesses with internet or intranet
    Our authorized contractors can get everything done including –
         Big or small Projects
         Short or ongoing Projects
         Individual (Single Skilled) or team-based (Multi Skilled) 

  • How does Uniserved manage delivery of the services?

    Uniserved will take the responsibility of getting the required scope of work delivered with our contractors or freelancers.

    The only expectations from you –

         Be clear on the expectations. (Clearly written scope of work)
         Be ready with any dependencies for execution
         Clearly defined quality check / signoff procedure to confirm if the agreed work is delivered as per expectations.
         Define the timelines to start and complete the work. This will help in provisioning required level and quantity of resources. 

  • How do I know we are in the right hands?

    Uniserved will assign a contractors who carry the best relevant skill to deliver on the expected scope of work.

    Based on the criticality and skill requirements, you will be shared the exact choice of contractors who are assigned to complete your job.

    In case of individuals, we will also share the profiles of those specialists, so as to assure you that the person engaged for the activity is competent enough for the task.

  • How do you handle payments?

    We work strictly on Pre-paid basis. For every job which you would like to crowdsource through us, we will revert with estimates for the job. Budgets for the project can be decided based on these estimates   

    Once agreed, we expect you to pay the required amount in advance, which will ensure assignment of required contractors for timely delivery. 
    We accept payments via Credit Cards, Paypal, Wire Transfer etc.

    Please drop a message at  to learn more. 

  • Which Regions can you provide services? 

    Currently we have a presence across 23 countries and a very deep presence across India (640 out of 686 districts). We can also provide you with freelancers who are willing to travel to your geography of choice to deliver services, if remote setup is not feasible.

  • How do we get started?

    Please see the section below. We have customised offerings across Industry Segments.

    You can also send us an email at 

How can we engage with Uniserved?

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